The International Collaboration Office

The International Collaboration Office of the Meiktila University of Economics was established in 2017. The role of the office is to support the University for achieving the international objectives. The main functions of the International Collaboration Office are:
  • Working as a coordination point for all international activities.
  • To initiate effective global engagements through MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) and/or MoA (Memorandum of Agreement).
  • Advising on MoUs and collaboration agreements and ensuring that all agreements are in accordance with University guidelines.
  • To promote joint research development altogether with international and national partners.
  • Assisting staff with participation in international events.
  • Informing the students about international scholarship opportunities.
  • Supporting students to make scholarship applications.
  • Advising students going out on exchange programmes.
  • Developing the website especially the profile of the University and information for international partners.
  • Gathering information about partner universities and international organizations and sharing them across the University.