Professor Dr. Tun Aung
Meiktila University of Economics

Welcome to Our University!

           Meiktila University of Economics (MEUE) was established in 2001 in order to adequately respond to rapid changes taking place in the global situation and at the same time contribute to the development of our nation through the pursuit of creative educational and research activities.
          Our vision is to provide the comprehension and understanding into the leaders of tomorrow’s future through the use of modern technology and excellent teaching methods.
          MEUE is offering undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D programmes at three campuses: Meiktila, Mandalay, and Nay Pyi Taw.
         Our programme are known for professional programmes that develop policy makers, decision-makers, competent managers, and administrators for the country.
          The thrust of education at MEUE is not only to produce mere graduates but the dynamic and responsible citizen equipped enough to foray into the world with and all-round development of personality. Our teaching-learning methods encourage inter-disciplinary approaches through innovative projects, events, conferences, seminars, research, talks, and workshops.
          Our commitment is to provide students innovative, in-depth and high-level learning. The programmes of our university will empower the students with skills and attributes to become ingenious problem solver and critical thinker. The students would be able to confidently face the challenges of the highly competitive world. Moreover, the university will encourage the students to maintain their moral values so that they become responsible leaders who can pursue the development of our nation.
          I believe that learning in MEUE will be one of the most exciting, memorable & promising journey in your life.                                                                           


Professor Dr. Phyu Phyu Ei

         The ultimate aim of our university is to nurture a more qualified and skilled human resource in the fields of Economics, Commerce, Statistics, Business Administration, Banking and Finance  and Public Administration which become a necessity in a dynamic and challenging world.
          We look forward to welcome all those efficient students to our university and we will bring  each student who can get an opportunity to widen his/her of knowledge of his/her owned field of study.
          Wishing you all to be successful in your life!!                                                                                                                        


Professor Dr. Maw Maw Khin

Welcome to the Meiktila University of Economics!

          Meiktila University of Economics (MEUE) is a hub of learning for producing qualified learners. It offers various courses, both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. MUEU offers five bachelor degrees (Commerce, Statistics, Economics, Business Administration, and Public Administration) for undergraduate level and three academic master degrees (Commerce, Statistics, and Economics) for the post-graduate level.
         Professional master programs for the learners who are working in various organizations are offering on three campuses (Meiktila, Nay Pyi Taw, and Mandalay). There are four professional master degrees, namely Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Public Administration (MPA), Master of Development Studies (MDevS), and Master of Banking and Finance (MBF). The Master of Applied Statistics (MAS) is going to launch at the year-end in 2021. That’s why the learners can choose the specialization and location of the study freely.
        The aims of our programs are to nurture competent managers to lead business organizations, public administrators, statisticians, economists to making strategic decisions for every organization. To do so, our programs are designed not only to meet the international academic standard but also to fulfill the needs of the regions.
       One of the unique features is that the faculties of our university are competent academics. But most importantly, all faculty members of the MEUE are actively involved in research, they got many publications in some academic journals as well as online journals. They are able to provide their intellectual and creative skills gained from research for the students.
       If you are bearing in mind to apply for a bachelor degree/ a professional master degree course, I invite you to take advantage of such resources and opportunities that the MEUE has to offer. No matter which major is applied for, MEUE can offer innovative teaching with a solid curriculum for each specialization. Detailed curricula can be seen on the departments’ website pages.
       As you know that, learning is a never-ending process, online learning classes are implemented via zoom application during the COVID-19 pandemic. The learners who want to continue their studies can grasp such opportunities. I am looking forward to welcoming new students.
       Wish you all the best!



Professor Dr. Thida Htoo

Welcome to Meiktila University of Economics!

        Welcome, all students. In our university, we will be learning diverse areas of Commerce, Statistics, Economics, Management Studies and Public Administration.  Our university offers various courses that need for policy makers, managers and professional expertise in the areas of public, private and international organizations as well as in the fields of development, management, public administration and business administration.
        Our university provides good ways to empower students with theoretical background, case studies and application, and creative thinking that require for the implementation of development policy and strategies, and management strategies in reality. Students are well equipped with research methodology to have ability to conduct research for diverse areas in public, private and International Organizations. Students can read various updated textbooks, journals, research papers, newspapers, stories and novels at the University’s Library.
       Students will have opportunities to study abroad as exchange students since we have international collaboration with Germany, Italy, and Korea. Students will be ensured to enjoy the university’s campus life while studying in our university. Our university has provided extra curriculum activities such as fieldwork, survey, seasonal festivals, football and sports, impromptu talk competition, and other competition. Students can participate in local and international seminar, workshop, and paper reading session.
       We are very proud of providing great opportunities to students of Meiktila University of Economics who are in search of national, regional and global commonality. Share our ideas and join us in our endeavor to navigate into your brighter future.