• Name          : Daw Phyu Phyu Thein ( professor)
  • Position      : Head of Department of Applied Economics, Meiktila University of Economics, Myanmar
  • Education  : B. Econ(Economics) B. Econ ( Hons ) M .Econ
  • Phone no    : 09-43029781 / 064-39286
  • DawPhyuPhyuThein received her B.Econ (Economics) degree in 1984, B.Econ (Hons) degree in 1985, M.Econ (Economics) degree in 1994 from the Yangon University of Economics. She has joined Yangon University of Economics as a tutor at the department of Applied Economics in 18th May, 1987. She was a professor of Department of Applied Economics, MonywaUniversity of Economics before transferring Meiktila University of Economics in 2005-2007. Her teaching experience covers a wide area in Economics, but her specialty in Econometrics, Mathematical Economics, and International Economics. She is currently teaching Economics and Public Policy, International Trade/ Regional Integration, and Globalization and Public Policy at the MPA programme.

Name:       Dr. San San Aye

Position:    Professor

Education:       B.Econ (Economics) (Hons) M. Econ Ph.D

Phone No: 09-2037940

Dr. San San Aye obtained her B.Econ (Economics) (Hons) degree in 1994   andM.Eon (Economics) degree in 1997 from Yangon University of Economics. She received Ph.D degree from Yangon University of Economics in 2008. She has joined Mandalay University as a tutor at the Department of Economics in 31st July, 1998. She was an associate professor of Department of Economics, Yangon University of Economics before transferring Meiktila University of Economics in 2015-2016. She is currently teaching Economics and Public Policy, Strategic Management in Public Organization, Development Economics, and Health Economics at the MPA programme.

First Year (MPA)

1st quarter

-Economics and Public Policy (MPA-111)

-Public Administration in Theory and Practice (MPA-112)

-Statistics for Public Administration (MPA-113)

-Accounting and Financial Management (MPA-114)

2nd quarter

-Economics and Public Policy I (MPA-121)

-Management Skills for Policy Markers and Human Resource

Management (MPA-122)

-Research Methods for Public Administration (MPA 123)

-Public Finance (MPA-124)

3rd quarter

-Public Sector Economics (MPA-131)

-International Trade and Regional Integration (MPA-132)

-Economic Development (MPA-133)

-Financial Institutions and Public Policy (MPA-134)

4th quarter

-Thesis (Preparation) (MPA-241)

Second Year (MPA)

1st quarter

-Regional and Urban Development (MPA-211)

-International Financial Policy and Issues (MPA-212)

-Financial Administration in Developing Countries (MPA-213)

-Public-Private Partnerships (MPA-214)

-Administrative Ethics (MPA-215)

-Political Economy of Public Administration (MPA-216)

2nd quarter

-Health Economics and Policy (MPA-221)

-Myanmar’s Development Policies/ ASEAN economies


-Natural Resource and Environmental Management  (MPA-223)

-Institutional Economics (MPA-224)

-Information Technology and Social Indicators for Public

Administration (MPA-225)

-Rural Development and Project Appraisal (MPA-226)

3rd quarter

-Strategic Management in Public Organization (MPA-231)

-Social Policy: Issues and Options (MPA-232)

-Administrative Law (MPA-233)

-Logistics Management (MPA-234)

-Social Protection in Global Economy (MPA-235)

-Globalization and Public Policy (MPA-236)

4th quarter

-Thesis (Writing and Finalizing) (MPA-241)

Major Subject

Major Subjects for Applied Economic Specialization conducted by the Department of Applied Economics

First Semester Second Semester
First Year -Introductory Macroeconomics
Second Year -Macroeconomics I

-Mathematical Economics

– Macroeconomics II

-ASEAN Economics

ThirdYear and First Year Honours
Final Year and Second Year Honours -Agricultural Economics

-Industrial Economics

-Economic Policy and Planning

-Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

-Urban Economics

-Institutional Economics