History of Economics Department

       Meiktila University of Economics (MEUE) was founded on 24th June 2001 and offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in Economics, Statistics, and Commerce. The Department of Economics is one of departments at the University, awarding Bachelor of Economics (B. Econ) and Master of Economics (M. Econ) for Economics and Applied Economics since then   Bachelor of Economics is a four-year program and students can continue for Master of Economics if they are eligible upon completion of their Bachelors. Master of Economics is a two-year full-time course with a thesis upon completion. In 2011-12 academic year, the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Economics, which is the highest degree award offered by the Department was introduced. This five-year doctoral level takes one year coursework and four years of research work into thesis on completion.

In addition, the Meiktila University of Economics launched the Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree program in 2004. The MPA courses offer any graduate students with the opportunity to explore policy-oriented areas in public service deliveries and administrations. These new postgraduate programs were initiated by MEUE to conduct in Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw in collaboration with local higher education institutions for the ones in those cities to access the course conveniently. The Department has been taking full responsibility on MPA program in Mandalay since 2015 and Master of Development Studies (MDevS) programs in Nay Pyi Taw since 2018. Both MPA and MDevS programs are awarded after two-year coursework with a thesis submission.

Moreover, the Department of Economics not only offers pure academic programs such as bachelors, masters, and doctoral, but provides on-the-job training for other service departments and government organizations also. Therefore, the department of economics, as an academic and service department, caters to the needs of those on campuses and off campus.

The Department was formerly overseen by professors – Daw Khin Cho Cho (2001-2005), Daw Myat Myat Thu (2005-2016) and Dr. Thida Htoo (2016-2021, May). Currently, professor Dr. Khin Khin Oo is the head of the department.


To create opportunities for students to realize their potentials and nurturing them to become future leaders in national and global economic and social arenas


  1. Develop outstanding economics and related programs for students

  2. Deliver innovative and updated courses

  3. Nurture faculties to become competent in teaching and research skills

  4. Develop network with industry, government and society


  1. To provide theoretical and empirical foundations of economics and related subjects

  2. To enhance problem solving, innovation and critical thinking skills of students

  3. To conduct leading researches that can contribute improvement of communities, firms, public sectors and non-government sectors

  4. To contribute in social and economic development processes at local and national levels

Faculty Members

Dr. Khin Khin Oo


Department of Economics


Dr. Khin Khin Oo is a professor at the Department of Economics, Meiktila University of Economics (MEUE). She obtained her Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Economics (Honours) successively in 1985 and 1986. She later gained her Master of Economics in 1992. Her Ph.D Degree was conferred to her in 2017 after completion of her doctoral thesis of “Infrastructure Development of Yangon Region” from the Yangon University of Economics. She completed the course on Environmental Assessment for Planning and Management at The Prince of Songkhala University, Bankgkok, Thailand. Her field of specialization is Regional and Urban Economics, Natural Resource Economics & Environmental Management. She is recently carrying out both individual and group researches with special focus on Regional, Urban and Infrastructure Development.

Daw Ei Ei Zaw

Associate Professor

Department of Economics

Daw Ei Ei Zaw obtained her Bachelor of Economics in 2002 and Master of Economics in 2010. She has been teaching the subjects of public sector economics, industrial economics, managerial economics, and rural and urban development policy.

Daw Chan Myae July

Associate Professor 

Department of Economics

Daw Chan Myae July obtained B.Econ (Q) in 2006, M.Econ (Eco) from Meiktila University of Economics in 2008, M.A (Public Economics) from  International Christian University, Japan in 2015, and diploma in English in 2018. She has been teaching the subjects of microeconomics, macroeconomics, project evaluation, money, banking and finance, institutional economics, economic policy and planning, econometrics, economics of recreation, leisure and tourism, economic policy reforms in developing countries.

Daw Moe Hnin Aye

Assistant Lecturer

Department of Economics

Daw Moe Hnin Aye obtained B.Econ (Q) in 1998 and M.Econ (Economics) from Chiang Mai University, Thailand in 2008. She has been teaching the subjects of macroeconomics.

Daw Sabal Oo

Assistant Lecturer

Department of Economics

Daw Sabal Oo obtained B.Econ (Economics) (Hons.) in 2010 and M.Econ (Economics) in 2013. She has been teaching the subjects of environmental and natural resources of economics, microeconomics, and economic development of Myanmar.