The Meiktila University of Economics is a State University which is under the Department of Higher Education (Mandalay Region, Myanmar), Ministry of Education. The University was established as a professional institute to train economist, statisticians, accountants, and management personnel, and to do research on economic, business and statistical   issues related to the Myanmar Economy. The Meiktila University of Economics was established; and in 14-6-2001. The University is organized with the Rector, Pro-Rectors and  Heads  of  Departments  forming  the  Administrative  Board  and  the  Academic Board.
        There are at present a total of 175 full-time staffs in the Institute, out of which 81 are engaged in teaching and research. The rest are administrative and support personnel. The total student enrollment each year is about—–, of which —–are fresh admissions. Courses in Economics, Statistics, Commerce,  and Management are offered at the Bachelors,  Honours,  Masters  and  Diplomas  levels.  At  present,  the University is offering the  courses for 9 bachelor degree,  4 master degrees,  11 post graduate diploma  degrees,  and  3  doctoral  degrees.  The University has nurtured more than —– graduates who specialized in Economics, Statistics, Commerce and Business Studies. The University has three Campuses: Meiktila Campus, Mandalay Campus, and NayPitaw Campus. The Meiktila Campus, the Original Campus, located on Meiktilay. The Mandalay Campus is situated in Mandalay University. The NayPyiTaw Campus, is located BEHS (8), Naypyitaw.
1. Dr. Than Swe
2. Dr. San Lwin
3. Dr. Tin Win
4. Dr. Tun Aung
    (2018- Now)